VIC SAPA TRAIN - Train from Hanoi to Sapa

Amazing train journey to Sapa

It’s a bit overwhelming selecting transportation options to/from Sapa. After reading reviews, I decided to write Vic Train. The communication was very easy and clear which helped with decision making.
I had to make adjustments after the reservation and the agent was very accommodating.
When we saw the train cabin, we were surprised how nice it is. A bit old fashion in a very good way. But they have modern conveniences like outlet at each bed!! The cabin is small but well laid out. The bed is comfortable for an overnight sleep.

The luxury cabin also comes with some snacks, water, coffee/tea and simple amenity kits – nice touch.

Since this is an overtrain, we didn’t get to see a lot during the journey which is ok. Our family had a great time just hanging out in the cabin anc fall asleep.

The train arrived at Lao Cai on time which is very impressive.

Overall, I highly recommend this train ride to Sapa!!!

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