VIC SAPA TRAIN - Train from Hanoi to Sapa

“Good experience with Vic Sapa” – Review from Zach

Overall good experience on board VicSapa!

Booking experience: it’s a strange process but it’s a real company. You submit a form and someone will email you a link for payment. It’s a legit link and you can pay with your credit card. You’ll receive a confirmation email once you paid, which you can use to redeem the train ticket at Hanoi Train Station on day of departure.

Boarding: We arrived at the train station 60 mins before departure time. There were some confusion about our tickets as the operator is relatively new and the counter staff didn’t know what to do. I had to ask the counter staff to call the train operator hotline before someone came to pick us up. After that, it’s a short walk to the train and boarding is fuss free.

Cabin: We booked the VIP cabin, which accommodates 2pax instead of the usual 4. The VIP cabin is situated on the far corner of the train, next to the toilet. It comes with some snacks, drinks (water, coke, and a beer), and disposable toiletries. The cabin is well ventilated with plenty of adjustable air nozzles. The bed is sufficient and blanket is warm, and more importantly it’s clean.

Journey: The train departed and arrived on time. The journey itself is not the most comfortable as the ride is VERY bumpy and shakes a lot. There are many stops along the way and the driver seems to like to brake rather abruptly into the stations. All of these are not the fault of the operator as each operator only “rents” 2-3 carriages on the train. Yes, all the overnight train services are actually on the same train. Different operators rent carriages and sells tickets separately, but it’s all the same train with the same bumpy journey.

Toilet: there’s one per carriage and it’s kept relatively clean throughout the trip. There a bidet available.

Overall: it’s a unique way of getting to/from Sapa. VicSapa itself provides a good, clean, and comfortable product and I’d recommend them if you’re planning to take a train service!

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