VIC SAPA TRAIN - Train from Hanoi to Sapa

“Great cabin and service” – Review from Natasha – Vic Sapa Train


“I got a VIP cabin for two as I wanted some privacy. The cabin was clean and neat. The cabin space was understandably compact but my husband and I were made do with the space. Some snacks and basic amenities were provided, such as slippers and toothbrush. Power points were also available, which comes in handy for those who wish to charge their mobile devices on the go. The pillow and blanket provided were decent – I was able to get a rather decent sleep during the journey. Warm water is also available, but you need to get it through a water fountain that is located outside of the cabin. The common toilets are adequate (do not expect them to be spotless, though), but it’s rather small. There is a handheld bidet available, if you are wondering about this.

That said, do not expect a very smooth train ride. Certain parts of the ride were bumpy and the sounds from the train can be a nuisance to some. Despite these, I was still able to get a relatively decent sleep. The 8-hour journey flew by quite quickly from my experience.

The train ride experience aside, I would like to commend the great service provided by the staff. I booked my tickets directly from the company, through their website’s online booking form. The staff were responsive and was also able to quickly accommodate to changes in my request. On the morning of my scheduled train ride, I received an email from the staff with the train tickets attached. All I needed to do was to download the attachment and present them to the ticketing staff. I had a smooth experience with the staff. I am very pleased with the service provided by the staff.”

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