VIC SAPA TRAIN - Train from Hanoi to Sapa

Made the right choice!

Trying to work out which train company we should use to get to Sapa seemed like a nightmare. We took a chance on booking VicSapa with at the time, limited reviews (as it is a new company).

We were so glad we did!

We had the Vip carriage. Beds were nice, come with a blanket and comfy pillow (one of the more comfy pillows compared to several in hotels we have had on our stay). Free water bottle, snacks. Clean bed and sheets. Slippers to use for the bathroom. A clean bathroom and sink. Nice touches, such as PowerPoints and a cute lamp. It is the best overnight train I’ve been on.

Booking through Mrs Nguyen was great, she provides fantastic customer service. Friendly, helpful and courteous emails. Always following up.

Ofcourse, train ride is bumpy as are many train rides (I took as a travel calm tablet to help me sleep). But that is also the case on a sleeper bus or limo etc! But you also get to see train street in Hanoi (from the train)!


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