VIC SAPA TRAIN - Train from Hanoi to Sapa

Paddy / Rice fields in Sapa

From April, the terrace filed just start replanting, the landscape also starting more beautiful of the scene of ethnic people start working on the rice fields. The weather in Sapa is getting warmer as well. Therefore, this is a good time to visit Sapa.

For green fields, June through early August is the best to to go then the fields will be covered with the golden color in August and early September. However, you may expect rain during this time. Hours of rain mid-day and then clearing up. and hot. Through early Sept. less rain and lower temps and humidity. This is the ideal time to visit Sapa based on weather and golden rice fields.

If you want to see how the locals harvest rice field, mid-September to October is the best time for visiting Sapa.

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