VIC SAPA TRAIN - Train from Hanoi to Sapa

The best way to get to Sapa, highly recommended!

Our night trip on VicSapa train from Hanoi to Sapa was excellent, much less bumpy and more comfortable than expected. The carriage, attached to the regular Vietnam train like all the other ‘private’ trains, was easy to locate and check in was smooth. We had 2 person VIP cabin which was very cute and nicely decorated, love the sheets‘ design and toothbrushes were a nice touch. Water, beer and some snacks were complimentary. Even toilet at the end the carriage was reasonably ok.

We booked online couple of months ahead to secure VIP cabin, communication was painless.
For those who might want to know, this used to be Victoria Express. We are delighted that we had this option for our Sapa trip, definitely the way to travel.

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