VIC SAPA TRAIN - NEW Luxury train from Hanoi to Sapa

Why you should travel with Vic Sapa Train?

Vic Sapa Train is the newest and the most luxurious train from Hanoi to Sapa. Enjoy your train trip with our cozy and luxurious 2 berth or 4 berth cabins.

  • Our train is luxurious, lovely, cozy and clean
  • Our cabins are beautiful, the beds are clean and comfortable
  • It is an excellent way to go to Sapa and you save one night hotel bill while traveling
  • Our VIP 2 berth cabins provide privacy and more comfort.
  • Complimentary water, refreshing wipes and cookies as well as a drink on departure.
  • The train here is noisy and there is a lot of motion but you will sleep well on train.
  • Our staff are friendly and helpful

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